Cellar Club

The Longhouse Cellar Club is a great opportunity to try new wines, spirits, beers & cocktails, learn a bit & most importantly enjoy a good drink!

We didn’t want to create simply a wine club as we feel there is so much more out there & through a cellar club we have the platform to show you.

The club will bring experts, enthusiasts, producers & growers together for some great evenings. Keep a close eye on the cellar club diary below for up & coming events. Tickets for these will be available for purchase from the Longhouse.


February (Date TBC)
Secret, rare & the forgotten Italian Wines

March (Date TBC)
Gin,Gin,Gin with Eccentric Gins

April (Date TBC)
Mysteries of Champagne

May 13th & 14th
Cellar Fest @ Longhouse

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